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Student Aid and Scholarships

Best and Worst Paying College Degrees

If you are looking for an undergraduate degree that will help you earn a strong salary, think math. If you want to avoid some of the lowest paying fields, reconsider degrees related to children and food. Payscale’s survey of college degrees by starting and mid-career salary puts engineers high on the list, comprising much of the top 25 list (below) based on starting salary:

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Student Aid: Meeting Need Without Loans

Colleges and universities that promise to meet 100% of a student’s demonstrated financial need without loans, with a combination of grants and work study jobs. While most schools include loans into their financial aid packages, some do not. The Project on Student Debt publishes a list of colleges with financial aid programs that limit or eliminate student loans from financial aid packages, reducing costs for students and families.

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Best 2010 Values in Public Education

From an in-state perspective, the top five public college values according to Kiplinger are:
The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Florida, University of Virginia, William & Mary, State University Of New York at Binghamton

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