Common Application Update & Reminders

The Common Application released these statistics (as of December 15, 2011) along with 2010* comparisons:

  • Individuals Applicants  411,799 (+19%)
  • Submissions  Applications  1,372,017 (+20%)
  • School Reports   976,745 (+58%)
  • Teacher Evaluations   1,640,864 (+57%)

*compared to 12.15.10


School Forms Delivery
If you intend to submit school forms online this year, remember that a college will not be able to download them unless you submit a Common App Online (CAO) to that college.
Final Report Submission
Schools can submit a student’s Final Report only once. Therefore, do not submit this form until the student has all admission offers in hand and has decided where to enroll. Similarly, please do not use the Final Report as a vehicle for submitting any grade report other than the final transcript.
Submit Application, Supplement & Payment Separately
The application, supplement, and payment submissions are three distinct processes.  Some students mistakenly believe that the application automatically follows a supplement and/or payment. Confirm the status of submissions within My Colleges.