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Don't Forget to Check Your Application Status

So you hit the “SUBMIT” button, sent in your application fee, transcripts and ACT / SAT scores, along with your recommendation forms.  All set?  Maybe not.    Most schools will not even look at your application until all of the components are received.  And, if anything is missing by the final deadline, you may be denied admission due to insufficient documentation.
As an independent college consultant, I cannot stress the importance of confirming that your application along with all of your supporting documentation has been received.  Many colleges and universities allow applicants to check their status on-line.   Some schools send a post card.  At others, the only way to check is to contact the admissions office.
A word of caution:  Don’t panic if something appears to be missing.  It is fairly likely that the admissions office is swamped and hasn’t yet processed your information or updated their records.

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