Free Online Assessment Can Help Identify College Majors and Careers

My Majors assessment, which is often recommended by college advisors, is a helpful tool for students exploring college majors and careers.

My Majors is a free online assessment and can show potential majors that the student had not previously known about or considered.  Based on the assessment results, students can print a report that includes the top 10 majors, a description of each major, as well as associated careers.

Advisors often suggest that students explore college websites to learn about the class descriptions for the majors they are considering.  Checking out curriculum is important because students often have unrealistic expectations of what they will be learning and the courses involved.  For example, high school students studying introductory economics are often surprised to find they would need to take rigorous math courses to earn an economics degree in college.

Big Futures (part of The College Board) contains pages on various college majors. There are also useful videos on YouTube and college websites.  Students considering engineering will find excellent information about the different types of engineering on the Georgia Tech website.

Professional associations’ websites and materials can be beneficial as well as  O*NET, which is a great resource to explore careers/majors because it couples the job with future outlook and expected salaries.