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Harsh Curve On The August 2019 SAT Leads To Lower Than Expected Scores

Harsh Curve on the August 2019 SAT Leads to Lower than Expected Scores

After doing some research and polling students and tutors, Jed Applerouth, Founder & President of Applerouth Tutoring, penned a blog post explaining the SAT grading system and an explanation of the uncharacteristically harsh curve on the Math section of the August 2019 test administration. Jed Applerouth’s post includes on the fairer, more predictable grading of the ACT.

The post explains that the College Board provides for their official practice tests to help students to prepare. Typically a student who misses one question in the Math section would normally expect to score 790; a student who misses two questions would score 770-780, and so forth.  On most practice tests provided by the College Board, a student could miss as many as eight questions and still score in the low 700’s.

The August 2019 exam was radically different. Based on Jed’s analysis, a student who missed one question dropped to 770 and a student who missed two dropped to 750. Missing eight questions dropped a student to 660, rather than the low 700’s. Jed added that while the harsh curve didn’t generally didn’t affect students who’d been aiming to score in the middle range of the test, it was brutal to normally high-scoring students.

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