MIT Reinstates SAT or ACT Admissions Requirement

Beginning with the Class of 2027, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology became one of the first extremely-competitive schools to reinstate its SAT or ACT score requirement, which the Institute suspended during the height of the COVID-19  pandemic due to testing disruptions.

According to MIT, “scores can yield important insights into students’ potential when considered alongside other information about their background and academic preparation.”

MIT’s March 2021 announcement may slow the momentum of the test-optional movement in higher education.

MIT’s decision does not impact the 1,337 students (about 4% of applicants) to whom it offered admission to the Class of 2026.

Stu Schmill, MIT’s dean of admissions, penned in a blog post that reviewing admission test scores as part of a holistic review significantly improves the school’s ability to assess the academic potential of prospective students. MIT students, regardless of undergraduate major, are required to successfully complete rigorous coursework that includes two semesters of both calculus and calculus-based physics.



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