Need Blind Admissions: Partial Vision Restored

Waking up to endowment losses, decreased donations and a bad economy, some colleges and universities are using creative tactics to admit more high paying students while still maintaining their need-blind policies.

By accepting more international students and early decision applicants as well as students from the wait list,  colleges can bias admissions toward wealthier and higher paying students without jeopardizing stated policy.

Many colleges offer need-blind admission for U.S. students only.    Students accepted early decision generally agree to attend prior to receiving a financial package.  Students accepted from the wait list generally have less negotiating leverage and tend to be more affluent.

Aggregate financial-aid budgets have stayed the same or increased as many schools while aids requests have grown significantly.   A number colleges have responded to this new dynamic by offering generous packages to the most desirable applicants and admitting more borderline applicants who can afford to pay.