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Résumés Continue To Add Value In The College Admissions Process

Résumés continue to add value in the college admissions process

Many high school students wonder if it’s worth the time and energy to create a resume for college admissions and scholarship applications.  For many students, the answer is yes!  Resumes can be helpful for strong teacher and counselor recommendations, college admission interviews, and scholarship applications.

Also, many colleges will accept resumes as part of the application.  According to Nancy Griesemer, an Independent Educational Consultant colleague, and a frequent College Admissions blogger, high school students who invest time creating résumés may be handsomely rewarded in the college admission process. Of the Common Application member colleges and universities that are “live” as of mid-September 2019, nearly one third (close to 300)  have made specific provisions for submitting this handy document.

Nancy’s blog post contains a list of many of the schools that accept resumes as part of the application process.


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