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Summer Activities Can Enhance Your Application

Making good use of the summer can improve your chances of admission to college.
While there is no “ideal activity”, there are many ways to enhance yourself as an interesting, passionate and motivated candidate.
You can accomplish this through community service, work and educational enrichment. There is no need to spend money on an expensive summer program. In fact, “rich kid activities” with little substance can make a negative impression. Don’t overlook the obvious. Months of work at a local grocery store or coffee shop can show maturity and dedication, as well as provide excellent raw material for an application essay.
If you are looking for a summer program, Enrichment Alley is an excellent resource to explore opportunities. The site includes study abroad programs and is searchable by interest, program type and location. Some of the programs are free, low cost and/or offer need-based financial aid.  Another online resource for finding summer programs is Peterson’s Summer Opportunity Directory.
Some families wonder if attending a summer program at a particular college or university improves the likelihood of admission.  Usually the answer is NO. While your summer experience can be helpful in describing your heartfelt interest in a college or university, many students who attended summer programs at Ivy League and other top schools are disappointed when they are not offered freshman admission.
Whatever you decide, make your summer productive!

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