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Overcoming Tough Times: College Cost Cutting Tips

Students and parents are focused on college affordability, educational quality and value. These 11 tips that can help preserve your budget and improve your candidacy. Here are a few: A strong academic record can lead to merit scholarships. Completing college in 3 years instead 4 can be a 25% savings. When it comes to winning scholarships, impressive activities where you have demonstrated passion and commitment, can significantly improve your chances for success. Strong scores not only improve your chances of acceptance, they can also lead to significant scholarship money. Hold off booking your flights and use the Internet to learn about colleges. In addition to the school web portals, there are a host of great sites offering everything from on-line tours to rankings. With billions of dollars awarded annually, it is worthwhile to research and pursue scholarship opportunities. is a good place to start. Many families who could receive assistance don’t pursue the financial aid process because they assume they won’t be eligible. Many factors are considered in aid eligibility, and it is not unusual for families with relatively high incomes and assets to qualify for aid and scholarships. Keep track of deadlines and submission requirements.

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